Geomatics Services

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Land Surveying & Project Development Support

The primary focus of our services is cadastral surveying, commonly known as land surveying or legal surveying. It is a specialized field which deals with the legal boundaries of land, water and air space.

Extensive Knowledge Backed by State-of-the-Art Equipment

The opinions of Stevens Surveys are based on a profound knowledge of statute law, common law, rules of evidence and localized standards of practice, supported by the use of top-of-the-line measuring and computing equipment.

Our highly experienced land surveying team is privileged to be among a select group of people who are qualified to offer services in this field.

Typical cadastral surveying services include:

  • Plans for land titles registration
  • Boundary staking and building location certification
  • Subdivision Application Map, S.A.M
  • Mining claims
  • Boundary and title research
  • Legal descriptions
  • Cadastral map compilation

Surveying for Construction & Engineering

In support of project development, Stevens Surveys offers its expertise through a variety of construction and engineering surveying services, such as:

  • Topographic site plans
  • Digital terrain modeling
  • Area and volume determinations
  • Lot grading certification
  • Profiles and cross-sections
  • Construction control and stake-out
  • Geodetic networks and processing (GPS surveys)
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Architectural pick-up
  • Photogrammetric ground control
  • Bathymetric surveys